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The Digital Marketing Performance Center was created by the Chief Marketing Office (CMO) Council as a resource for marketers to access the latest news and research on digital marketing. Featuring reports, white papers, expert insights and best practices from global digital marketing leaders, DMPC aims to provide the information you need to stay ahead of the digital curve and strategically plan for what lies ahead. More »

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With the widening digital marketing skills gap, the CMO Council is actively engaging in furthering the capabilities of internal digital marketing teams. We are providing training for organizations to get CMO Council certified and help enterprises close the skills gap.

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Executive Editor, CMO Council

Since its inception, digital has been viewed as the path forward for marketers, who are able to engage, inform and connect with consumers more effectively and efficiently than ever before. From email and social media to big data, personalization and beyond, organizations are now able to capture valuable information about their customers that allows them to deliver experiences that truly delight and engage.

This has led to a competitive landscape that shifts and evolves on a daily basis, which is making it all the more imperative for organizations to deliver the kinds of experiences that stand apart in consumers’ minds. However, it has also created organizational gaps as the skills needed to remain abreast of all these changes also require new talent.
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